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COVID-19 PCR and Antigen Rapid Testing on Bonaire

Do you need a flight to Bonaire in the near future or booked a flight already? Will you be traveling to the Caribbean? If so, it is necessary to have a rapid antigen or PCR test done before you travel. You must be able to show a negative PCR test (or so-called NAAT test) when traveling to Bonaire or another location in the Caribbean.

Several airlines offer travel to Bonaire and the Caribbean islands. Many airlines including United Airlines require a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery. This applies to all travelers entering the country whether you are a US resident or not.

At Hestia, it's easy to get a test done. We offer a PCR test, and you will receive the result of the test within 15 minutes† It is also possible to prepare a travel document for you. This way you can be sure that you travel safely.

There are flights to Bonaire from the US. It is also possible to fly from Curaçao to Bonaire. In short, from the US there are several possibilities to travel to Bonaire. It is important to have the right documents and visas in advance. For the most recent information it is wise to consult the website of the American consulate.

For flights to Bonaire a negative PCR and a negative Antigen test on arrival is mandatory. Hestia offers exclusively the Antigen (and PCR) test on arrival at Bonaire.

Upon arrival at Bonaire airport there will be health screenings and checks on having negative tests. So if you are planning to travel to Bonaire from the US soon, schedule an appointment at Hestia to have the proper test or combination test administered.

When returning home you might need a PCR and / or Antigen test according to the legislation. Hestia also provides you at Bonaire with the test that is needed shortly before departure.

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Make an appointment for a corona test

Would you, as a tourist or traveler, like to make an appointment for a corona test before you go to Bonaire? As mentioned before, it is mandatory to provide a negative antigen test and you can book this with Hestia. To make sure that you will be traveling safely to Bonaire and will not run into any trouble, we advise you to arrange the test upon arrival and departure with Hestia.

We have a convenient app where we also provide the questionnaire that is provided through Bonairecrisis.com, also filling out this questionnaire is mandatory. With our app, it's easy to travel to Bonaire from anywhere in the world! 

Will you be doing a PCR test at home before traveling to the Caribbean islands? Than it is also possible to upload the negative results into our app. The app comes with 3 easy checkboxes. When you provide a negative PCR test and fill out the questionnaire you will see 2 green checkboxes. Upon arrival to Bonaire you will be tested again and when this comes back with a negative result you will receive the last green checkbox in the app. With 3 green checkboxes the app will provide you with a valid QR code that can be scanned by GGD at the customs of Bonaire. 

You can arrange for the tests upon arrival and departure easily through our site† Often you can make an appointment on the day of your flight, but we advise you to make an appointment beforehand. So you can be sure that you always have a valid and recent test and can safely enter Bonaire.

Our tests on arrival and departure are administered quickly and by professional staff. In most cases you will have the results within 15 minutes, and you will be certain that you do not have a covid-19 infection. We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip to Bonaire!

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