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In collaboration with Bonlab NV. Fast and reliable

Results within 20 minutes

With travel certificate

Fast and reliable

Validated tests

Reliable cooperation

Hestia has been testing in collaboration with Bonlab NV since March 2021

Choosing the combination Bonlab NV and Hestia means choosing quality. Hestia is regularly visited by IGJ (Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate). The verdict is always that Hestia belongs to the top of all assessed test streets.

The starting point of Bonlab NV and Hestia is that a test must be available, affordable and accessible to everyone. But more important are the quality standards that we use. Our employees are trained & certified and we only work with reliable tests according to the guidelines of the RIVM, the tests are CE / IVD certified. 

What we stand for

For your safety and that of others


  • Skilled employees

  • Frequent audits and training

  • In accordance with RIVM / IGJ guidelines

  • Testing CE / IVD certified


  • Comfortable spaces

  • Strict hygiene protocols

  • Frequent disinfection

  • Clean areas


  • Validated tests

  • Results GDPR proof

  • Conditioned stocks

  • Secure cloud environment

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